A Study of Hebrews

Eyes on Jesus!

1Our world is exploding with violence, and many people who once claimed to follow Jesus are losing heart. They are in danger of drifting away and dropping out.

Why Jesus is Greater Than the Angels

2Angels should never be worshipped. But we know there was a dangerous practice in the early church concerning the worship of angels.

The Truth About Angels

3The subject of angels is one of the most misunderstood doctrines in the Bible

The Danger of Drifting

4If you aren’t constantly aware of sin in your life, then you probably have drifted away from the convicting presence of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Tasted Death for Us

5Part of what heaven will be like for us will be a restoration of authority over God’s creation of a new heaven and a new earth.

Meet the Holy Family

6The true Holy Family is the Church–the Family of God.

The Day the Devil was Destroyed

7The next time the devil tries to remind you of your past, remind him of his future!

Why Jesus is Greater Than Moses

8There are several similarities between the life of Moses and the life of Jesus

The Danger of a Hardened Heart, part 1

9God is constantly bringing us to those points of crisis and the choice is this: Am I going to go on? Or am I going to go back? Turning back is the result of having a hardened heart.

The Danger of a Hardened Heart, part 2

10If you are suffering from a hardened heart, it’s a sure sign you’re in the spiritual wilderness when it comes to God’s plan for your life.

Finding the Best Rest of Your Life

11You are not saved by performing good deeds. You can only rest in the finished work of Jesus on the cross!

The Double-Edged Sword

12Mirrors don’t lie, and neither does God’s Word. That’s the exact reason some people are reluctant to really look into God’s Word. It reveals who we really are.

How Well Do You Know Your Priest?

13We’re all equal at the foot of the cross.

The Tears of Jesus

14Jesus is there for you and He cares for you.

The Danger of Arrested Development

15The idea of arrested spiritual development was a tragedy when the book of Hebrews was written and it is a widespread problem in our churches today.

Moving on to Maturity

16The main way you can know if you are moving on to maturity is if you are becoming more and more like Jesus.

Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation?

17Salvation is a race, but we aren’t competing against each other. We are all moving toward the finish line, which is when we will meet Jesus. We will either meet Jesus in death or when He returns, but He is our finish line.

Get Ready, Get Set, GROW!

18The Christian life is like a race. But at the beginning of the race, the Lord says, Get Ready; Get Set, GROW!

Two Unchangeable Things

19You don’t have to understand all the promises of God; you just need to trust God to deliver them to you! Trusting the word of other people is often like trying to walk across a bridge of Kleenex. But the promises of God are rock solid.

Tho Anchor Holds in Spite of the Storm

20 Jesus isn’t the anchor. Hope is the anchor. But the anchor is only as effective as the rock it grabs onto.


21Jesus truly had no beginning and no end.

Jesus: A Better Bridge

22The Old Testament Law was like an old bridge. It was congested with rules, there was a high toll charge, and it never brought people into fellowship with God.

God’s Temple: The Pattern for Reality

23The Tabernacle had a much deeper meaning than just a sanctuary where God could meet his people. It was a wonderful illustration of many points of reality.

New and Improved!

24When you undergo a new birth that you read about in the New Testament, God changes you into a new creation. That means we receive a new identity.

How to Live with a Clear Conscience

25Conscience is an alarm that God places in every person’s soul to sound when they are about to do something wrong.

The Soul-Cleansing Power of the Blood

26Outward cleanliness is important, but we all have a stain of sin no soap can remove.

The Scarlet Thread: What the Bible is All About

27Jesus was the fulfillment of the scarlet thread.

The Three Appearances of Jesus

28Humanity is like a man who has fallen down into a well. The Ten Commandments was a set of rules to tell us to keep out of wells after we had already fallen in! But the problem for most people is they don’t know they have fallen in a well and need help.

Step Out of the Shadows of Legalism

29When Christians replace the grace of God with activities or rituals we think will make God love us more or think there are things we can do that might make God love us less is legalism. There is NOTHING we can do to make God love us any less or any more.


30Even though we have been forgiven, we should hate the presence of any sin in our lives.

The Best LET US in God’s Garden

31No matter what happens in this world, God is still enthroned in heaven.

The Danger of  Desertion

32We live in an age where you hear the word hell a lot. People regularly tell people to go to hell. But nobody seems to be afraid of spending eternity there.

Persevere for the Promise

33There are promises God has for you, but you may not be mature enough to receive them. That’s why we keep growing.

Faith 101: Believing is Seeing

34Faith is not believing facts about God or believing that God exists. Saving faith is knowing God—that’s the Reward of faith.

Abel and Enoch: Faith Forerunners

35An examination of the faith of Abel and Enoch.

Noah: An Unsinkable Faith

36To be righteous doesn’t mean you are perfect. Sometimes even God’s heroes experience failure in their lives.

Abraham: Waiting by Faith

37The problem is that we are in such a hurry, and God isn’t.

Longing for a Better Country

38We don’t really fit in to this world because we’re homesick for heaven.

Faith for Forge Strong Families

39God may not ignite the fire of affliction, but He controls the thermostat!

Moses: Choosing by Faith

40We’re all faced with the choice to live by faith or to fall into sin.

Moving Forward by Faith

41There’s a huge difference between living by faith and living in sin.

Conquering Through Faith

42For all of us who are not perfect, God can still use us. In fact, the Bible teaches us that God prefers to use those whom the world considers to be losers.

Faith to Endure Tough Times

43Faith is a wonderful luxury when you are facing good times. But faith is an absolute necessity when you feel like you are in the bottom of God’s mixing bowl.

The Race of Your Life

44We all start the race of life when we’re born. The only trouble is, we’re running in the wrong direction

Consider Him Who Endured

45It’s not up to you to write your own story. God already has one written for you; all you need to do is discover it.

Submitting to God’s Sandpaper

46There is a world of difference between God punishing sin and God disciplining His children.

Don’t Miss the Mountain!

47Esau is an example of how bitterness can ruin your life.

The Unshakable Kingdom

48God’s fire will destroy what it cannot purify; but it will purify what it cannot destroy.

Putting Your Faith to Work

49If you show kindness to strangers, you might be showing hospitality to an angel without knowing it.

God’s Promise to Provide

50You determine your self-worth based on your relationship with God. And God said He loves you so much that He has your name engraved in the palms of His hands. And God loves you whether you’re rich or poor.

Jesus Christ is the SAME Forever!

51We live in a culture that seems to be allergic to consistency.

Offering the Sacrifice of Praise

52We often use the terms, “Praise and Worship” together. But they aren’t the same thing.