Life Overflowing!
And Now for Some Really Good News

1What does it mean to experience God’s fullness? How do you know when you’re full of God? Three important spiritual markers: Faith, hope, and love.

Living Life to the Fullest!

2The Bible shows us how to move from empty living to a life of fullness. Paul wrote a letter to a group of Christians who were struggling to find meaning and purpose in their lives–just like us. Paul was praying for these believers, which reminds us how important it is for us to pray for each other. Four areas of spiritual fullness you too can experience.

Catch and Release–Jesus Style!

3The first half of Colossians is all about belief or doctrine and the second half of the book is about behavior or duty. Colossians 1:12-14 provide one of the clearest descriptions of the doctrine of redemption found anywhere in the Bible. Trace the three life-changing actions Jesus executed on our behalf: Rescued, removed and released.

The Autobiography of Jesus

4All scripture is written by God, and the focus of this message is to show that Jesus is God. The descriptions about Jesus in Colossians 1:15-17 are His autobiography. Jesus was not merely a religious teacher who taught a moral system. An examination of the outrageous claims about being God Jesus made.

The Supremacy of Jesus

5According to the Bible, Jesus is so much more than a remarkable human being. The Bible says Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end; the author and finisher of our faith. In Jesus you find everything you will ever need for this life and the next. An examination of four truths addressing the question, “Who is Jesus Christ?”

I’m Not What I Used to Be…

6We are alienated from God, but through salvation we are reconciled. A study of the wonderful process of reconciliation summarized in three words: Once, now and if.

History’s Greatest Mystery Solved

7The word “mystery” is found 27 times in the New Testament. In the Bible, “mystery” doesn’t mean something that is permanently hidden, it describes a truth that was secret for a time, but at the proper time it is fully revealed.

What Happens N-Side a Jesus Church?

8The Apostle Paul wrote a letter to a Jesus Church in a city located in modern-day Turkey and highlighted several things that can be found inside. There are five wonderful blessings you can experience inside a Jesus church. All five of these experiences begin with an “N.”

Powerful Pictures of the Christian Life

9When the Apostle Paul wrote about the Christian life, he intentionally introduced a variety of powerful metaphors of the Christian life. In this passage there are at least five powerful pictures to help us visualize the Christian life. The reason the Bible uses a variety of images to describe who we are in Christ, is because a single picture can never exhaust the riches and depth of our relationship with Him.

What was Nailed to the Cross?

10God is the original Multitasker. He can ignite the mighty sun in the sky to hold the planets in orbit, and He can use that same sun to ripen your tomatoes as if He had nothing else to do. There were several divine tasks occurring simultaneously at the Cross of Jesus. At the same moment Jesus Christ was being nailed to the cross, God was also nailing three other things to the cross.

Beware of Grace-Robbers!

11The difference between legalism and grace is in the motive behind your obedience. If you obey God with the belief it will improve your standing with God, or that He will love you less if you don’t, then you’re sliding into the gloom of frozen legalism. But if you obey God because you love Him and know you are deeply loved, then you are basking in the warmth of light of His grace.

Stop Chasing Shadows!

12Many well-meaning Christians are chasing shadows: They are still trying to please God by keeping religious rules and observing religious rituals. An examination of some of the substitutes for grace, and the differences between legalism-based churches and grace-based churches.

Follow Jesus–Not Your Feelings

13We’ve all done stupid stuff and we desperately need God’s grace. In this passage of scripture we find both a warning of how religious feelings can rob you of God’s grace and encouragement to maintain a grace connection with Jesus.

Are You Living by Rules or a Relationship?

14Legalism creates an atmosphere in which people can be proud of the way they act, but they can’t be happy. To them, Christianity isn’t something to be enjoyed; it is a religion to be endured. And anything fun must be either sinful or fattening, and must be avoided at all costs. Therefore, the more solemn and sad you are, the holier you are. In this message we’ll consider both the misery of legalism and the joy of God’s grace.

Ready, Set…LIVE!

15The third chapter of Colossians addresses how we should behave as Christians. Based upon who Jesus is and what He has done for me, how should I live? Are you really living or are you merely existing?

Get Rid of Those Stinking Grave Clothes

16When Lazarus came out of the tomb, he was still wrapped in stinking grave clothes. He couldn’t talk, and he couldn’t walk. He had received life, but he still had a problem—those pesky grave clothes! Many Christians today face the same problem. Jesus gives us life, but we still struggle with the stinking grave clothes of our old life. When we compare this story about Lazarus with our text in Colossians, we discover the importance of getting rid of those old stinking grave clothes.

How to Dress in Style with Jesus

17Have you noticed what you wear often determines how you behave? Clothing—especially when it is a special uniform—can actually influence the way we act. When you are aware of being clothed with the Lord Jesus Christ, it will change the way you think and the way you act.

Is Peace Possible?

18Is peace possible? Can there be peace in the Middle East? With God all things are possible. A more pressing question is, “Is peace possible for you?” In the midst of your pain and suffering, it may seem impossible. But with God all things are possible.

The Kind of Music God Loves

19God loves music. He created it. It is both the wonderful privilege and the blessed responsibility we have to sing praises to God. Three truths about God’s love of music.

Step Forward Wives and Prefect Husbands

20God’s word gives only one directive to a wife: Submit. And likewise, the Bible doesn’t burden a husband down with eight or nine things to remember—there’s only one word: Love. There is profound beauty in the simplicity of God’s plan for husbands and wives. A study of submission and love in marriage as directed in the Bible.

Insanity is Hereditary: You Get it from Your Kids, part 1

21No matter how old we are, we’re somebody’s kids. And in a deeper sense, if you know Jesus Christ, you’re part of God’s family. God is your Heavenly Father and you are His beloved child. He wants you to know He loves you unconditionally and He is the perfect Dad.

Insanity is Hereditary: You Get it from Your Kids, part 2

22There is a battle going on for the minds and hearts of your kids. This is not a time to retreat. This is not a time for passive parenting. You must be proactive in raising your kids in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

G.F.I. w/E2!

23Do you do sloppy, sub-par work? Do you only work hard when your boss or teacher is watching? God says that is the kind of attitude and behavior that will guarantee you fail in life. A lazy, sloppy employee brings shame to the name of Jesus. A Christian who is dedicated to enthusiastic excellence in everything he does presents a good testimony for Jesus. And in the same way, a Christian who is lazy and unreliable brings dishonor to the name of Jesus.

Inside Out & Outside In

24Do you have a family member or friend you suspect is outside God’s Family? Do you have a neighbor, work associate, or fellow student who needs to know the Lord? Two strategic steps in getting outsiders in.

When the Roll is Called Up Yonder…Who’ll Be There?

25At the end of all of his letters in Colossians, the Apostle Paul lists ten individuals’ names. In fact, he lists more than 100 names of people in all of his letters. A discussion of these personal remarks and the wonderful treasure found in the people Paul mentions.