A Church on Purpose: Across the Aisle

1You can’t be right with God if you aren’t right with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

A Church on Purpose: Across the Street

2It’s easier to steer something when it’s moving. God can steer you in the right direction if you are already moving forward toward obeying him, but when you are an object at rest, remaining at rest, it’s difficult for you to know God’s direction. So get moving in the direction of sharing Christ.

A Church on Purpose: Across the Globe

3When we think about the 3 billion people on our planet who don’t know Jesus Christ, we can get overwhelmed. We wonder how we can ever convert these multitudes to Christ. The job of global missions is NOT to convert people to Christ; only God can truly convert people. Our job is to communicate the good news to these people without Christ. Millions of people don’t know how much God really loves them, and they must be told.

How to Live Well and Prosper

4If you want to learn how to live well and prosper you need to get into God’s economy. It’s going in only one direction! The very first principle in God’s economy is acknowledging that God is the source of your wealth.