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Marriages Are Made In Heaven—But Maintained on Earth

1I think the longer you’re married, the more you figure out you’re not going to completely figure it out. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage because you’ve got an imperfect husband and wife. There’s no way it can be perfect. Couples who think their marriage is going to be perfect have unrealistic expectations. Marriages are either healthy or they’re unhealthy.

How to Love Your Mate for the Rest of Your Life

2If you want to find out about love, you don’t open the pages of Vogue or Playboy magazine, you open the pages of the Bible. This is God’s instruction book for life, every experience of life. The Song of Solomon is God’s definitive word on romance, marriage, love and sex. And it is in the Bible and it is God’s truth. A study of some characteristics of the kind of love that keeps marriages together until one partner dies.

B.I.B.L.E. Truth for Parents

3he Bible says in the heart of every child, even at a young age, they have a self-centered nature, a stubborn and rebellious nature. I believe that if America is going to survive, we must get back to the old-fashioned biblical principles of raising children. We have allowed too many liberal social scientists to tell us that we should never inflict any kind of pain on our children.

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

4Friendship is a great investment. One of the things that makes a difference between a house and a home, a family and just people that are together, is the element of friendship both within the family and outside the family. And examination of some ideas about friendship.