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1One of the best synonyms for “fellowship” is “friendship.” You may have friendship without Christian fellowship, but it is impossible to have true Christian fellowship without heartfelt friendship. In other words, you may have some friends who aren’t believers, but “koinonea” (Christian fellowship) will be absent from your relationship. But some of the best and dearest friends you’ll ever have in this life (and you’ll know ‘em forever) are those with whom you have true fellowship.

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2If I was your neighbor and I saw your house was on fire, and you didn’t know it, what would be the kindest, most loving thing I could do? I would run to your door and warn you to get out quickly–your house is burning! We know there is a heaven and we know there is a hell. We have a sacred obligation to lovingly warn others about the danger of eternal judgement. I fear hell will be populated with people who ask for all eternity, “Why didn’t David warn me about this?” We have an obligation to tell them about the grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness of God. This should be something we do gladly and eagerly because Jesus has saved us, and we love Him.

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3One of the most important disciplines of the Christian Life is the discipline of stewardship. Some of you in the investment business work very hard to understand our local and national economy so you can make wise investments for yourselves and your clients. Nowadays, you also have to understand what we call the global economy. Sharpen your pencils, because God has His very own economy, and understanding God’s economy is absolutely essential if you want to be a good steward.